OREGON 1053670

  • Overview

    Grubin shoes are made only from environmentally friendly materials that are safe for human health and the environment in close cooperation with orthopedic doctors.

    • Women's orthopedic shoes OREGON, Grubin
    • Orthopedic shoes OREGON is a classic of orthopedic shoes for your foot health.
    • Developed with the participation of European orthopedic surgeons!
    • The only material is a mixture of Mediterranean cork oak bark and natural latex, which makes the sole durable, flexible and has excellent cushioning properties.
    • The upper layer of the insole is the highest quality leather, which absorbs moisture, does not slip and does not scratch.
    • The sole of the sole is made of high-quality microporous rubber, which ensures stable contact with hard surfaces and is durable in the toe.
    • The upper materials made of natural and artificial materials are specially treated from the inside so as not to rub the skin of the foot.


    • Correct load distribution on the feet;
    • Prevention of foot diseases (flat feet, bone, toe deformities);
    • Correction of longitudinal and transverse flat feet, "bones";
    • Reducing the load on the lower back, spine and joints;
    • Prevention of skin, ligament and joint injuries;
    • Improving blood circulation and reducing swelling;
    • Prevention of varicose veins and leg diseases;
    • Prevention of flat feet and varicose veins during pregnancy;
    • Comfortable overweight movement;
    • Suitable for outdoor and indoor wear.

    Upper material:
    Top quality genuine leather with a smooth surface. Top covered with glossy polyurethane film for strength.

  • Features
    Shoes color:Pink Blue Gold Silver Rose
    Weight:600 g
    Shoes size:36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42
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